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Super Dangan Ronpa 2!: Update #57

Super Dangan Ronpa 2 is the secret to Super Dangan Ronpa! Currently, it's being translated by orenren of Something Awful. The thread can be found here: A peaceful tropical vacation with Super Dangan Ronpa 2. Please note that anything after the Read More link will contain spoilers for the second game as well as my own guesses and theories. If you have read another Let's Play! or if you have managed to play the game in Japanese, please don't spoil the game for me!

I don't mind discussing with others about the series and what not so feel free to post a comment. Also, I want to be considerate of others so if you don't want to read the spoilers, please refrain from reading!

Note: There is a mirror of the Let's Play on this Tumblr, with orenren's permission (also linked on the Tumblr) in case there's a paywall. Also, there has been a trend of ads that spoils both the first & second games so someone came up with a solution by adding them to AdBlock.

To summarize this update: Trial time! Finally, the trial starts. As per usual, Monobear reminds the remaining students the rules. They have to find someone to accuse as the culprit; if they pick the wrong one then everyone except the culprit shall be punished. No pressure. Then he suggests that they should talk about the "Twilight Syndrome Murder Mystery" game he made. Komaeda reminds everyone that it's nonfiction and based on a real event with the cast list that's among them.

It is confirmed that:

  • A-Ko is Tsumiki Mikan
  • B-Ko is Saionji Hiyoko
  • C-Ko is Ibuki Mioda
  • D-Ko is Koizumi Mahiru
  • F-Suke is Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko
  • The first dead girl is (was?) Kuzuryuu's sister.
Kuzuryuu stands by that his sister is alive that and everyone is full of shit. He says that he just saw her a few days ago until Monobear reminds everyone about the memory swipe. Nanami says that E-Ko must be "Satou-san" but then Ibuki interrupts with a quick reference. Owari says that Satou might be related to Tanaka, since they both have cliched names but, not surprisingly, Gundam takes offense to that.

Monobear interrupts and asks to talk about the main mystery of the game next: E-Ko's murder. First, they go over why she was even killed in the first place - which was E-Ko was the culprit of the first girl's murder and E-Ko was killed in revenge. Komaeda is insistent that Kuzuryuu is F-Suke but he's still determined that it's just a game - none of it is real.

To make it clear that E-Ko was the truly killed for revenge, Komaeda suggests they have to solve the case of the first girl's murder.

Nanami presents a map that she had drawn up of the first crime scene, the music room and its surroundings.

This is how Nanami describes it:
A-Ko, B-Ko, C-Ko, and D-Ko heard the sound of broken glass from the entrance hall. They quickly headed to the second floor, where the sound came from, and when they reached it...They found E-Ko waiting next to the second floor music room. She reported she had heard the sound from inside the room. But, the door to the music room was locked. D-Ko went to retrieve a key from the staff room, and the 5 girls were able to enter the music room. Inside...they found the dead body of a girl who'd be hit on the head. The girls thought the culprit had escaped through the broken window they found in the room. They concluded the sound of broken glass they heard from the hall was this window. In addition, E-Ko's school swimsuit was stolen, so they decided the culprit who escaped through the window was a pervert. ... That's about it.

 Nidai suggests that, after E-Ko committed the murder, she had to have stepped into the corridor and waited for the others to arrive. But, Ibuki then says, that she would have needed a key for that since it was locked from the outside. E-Ko would have needed the staff key. Then Nidai says that she must have the key on her person the entire time - she would have to lock it as soon as she had left it.

Sonia then points out that D-Ko had to fetch the very same key from the staff room just before they made the discovery.

Komaeda makes an interesting point not to assume that there was a spare key and he felt that the game would have referenced it if there was. Everyone accepts it and Nidai suggests that the music room had remain locked from the inside, but E-Ko had to have broken the window to escape just so she could "run like the wind" to reach the music room before the others.

Nanami points out that in order for E-Ko to pull that off, she would have to run past the others in the entrance hall. Nidai stops guessing. Saionji asks if E-Ko is even the culprit since it doesn't really make that much sense from a logical standpoint.

Now they have to figure out what E-Ko did after she killed the girl in the music hall.

Discussion Start!

There's really nothing to point out other than Ibuki does suggest there's a secret passage but Nidai wrongly suggest that the crash the girls heard was the window breaking. In truth, it was actually the flower vase breaking.

The vase that had broken was actually found in the classroom next door. This is what Komaeda suggests:
In fact, the incident was already almost over at the time the girls met up in the entrance hall...After E-Ko killed the girl, she broke the music room's window and went to retrieve the key from the staff room... Then, she locked the music room from outside, and went back to return the key. After that, she went back to the corridor in front of the music room. Then, she estimated the time the others would meet in the entrance hall, and all she had left to do was break the vase in the neighboring classroom.

As Nidai points out, she made it look like someone else had done and the killer had just ran away from the scene, with a broken window. And, as Peko points out, she pretended to just had just arrived at that particular moment.

So now we've figured out what she did but before we could get to Koizumi's case, Monobear says the students have to figure out what the murder weapon was. The only clue Monobear would give was the the murder weapon is something unexpected and yet, it was shown in-game.

And that's it for this update.

More or less, I am correct about who A to C-Ko is (but come on, it's really fucking obvious) but I actually don't really know what to think of the murder weapon. I actually want to think that it's the camera that D-Ko used (because it would make sense since Koizumi, the photographer, was murdered as revenge) but E-Ko took the brunt of it because F-suke was the one who suspected E-Ko.

Not only that, we found out previously that the only reason why E-Ko had killed the girl was because she was bullying D-Ko and was supposedly jealous of her photography talent. Head wounds are bleeders, though, so it really could have been anything heavy enough to crack a human skull open and to instantly kill someone (like what happened with E-Ko).

Although, it could have been the aquarium as, as you can tell by the photo, that the original dead girl doesn't have that much blood. What did I just say earlier? Head wounds are bleeders. It looks a little too clean to me so it could have been an aquarium as a crime of passion. Hmm.

Right now, it's anyone's game (heh) so for now, no theory and no suspects - plus I'm sticking to what I've already stated. Until next time!

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